"We now have a gym and facility, we started in a park when we began working with Jimi, through his agency ads and all his guidance and mentorship, he's helped us become such great business owners."

- Josh, ThinkFit

" I didn't know anything about marketing, essentially, I've gone from the classic story of working 60 hours a week, ****ing stressed out of my brain, not spending time with family & friends, not having a lot of time for myself, to pretty much now. I have completely stepped away from the business and the business is growing." - Dylan, The Evolved Personal Training

"It's by far the most sophisticated thing I've ever seen. What I love most about the program, is how in depth it is, the layers to it, is unbelievable. It's nothing like I've ever seen. I highly recommend it guys." - Aaron Malton, Vision Personal Training Rose Bay

"I started with the Inner Circle 8 Weeks ago, I needed a program to teach me and hold me accountable. I have added over 30k in revenue which means the program has more than paid for itself." - Justin Borg, Beyond Limits

"We have 2 F45 Studios and are opening up our Yoga/Pilates. We've seen an increase in leads, signups and overall massive improvements with our studios. We have 182 registrations and 76 full paid memberships without spending any money." - Chris Barry, F45

"We hit 100 clients. Being apart of the Inner Circle has really been great. It's been a great changer. The whole experience has been great." - Fillipe, OTT